Orthodontics – Lewisville, TX

How We Can Straighten Your Smile

Woman placing clear orthodontics tray

Having a straight set of teeth is more than just a cosmetic advantage. Research suggests that crowded, gapped, and otherwise misaligned teeth increase the risk of tooth decay, gum disease, TMJ disorder, and many other oral health concerns. That’s why we offer orthodontic treatment here at Nexus Dental of Lewisville. We want you to have a smile that’s just as beautiful as it is healthy. To learn more about how we can straighten your teeth, contact our dental office to set up a consultation to discuss your options for orthodontics in Lewisville, TX!


Why Choose Nexus Dental of Lewisville for Orthodontics?

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Invisalign® Clear Aligners

Closeup of smile with clear braces

Have you avoided getting orthodontic treatment because you didn’t want to wear awkward metal braces? Thanks to Invisalign clear aligners, you don’t have to! Invisalign gradually straightens your teeth using crystal-clear plastic trays called aligners that are so subtle that the people around you shouldn’t even notice you have them. You can even take these aligners out when it’s time to eat or brush your teeth, meaning you won’t need to change your diet or oral care routine.

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Dental patient placing sureSmile clear aligner

The SureSmile system shares a lot of similarities compared to Invisalign. It also uses a set of custom-made clear aligners to gradually move crooked, crowded, and gapped teeth into a better orientation. What is the big difference? SureSmile often costs notably less than Invisalign, making it the better option for budget-minded patients. But, thankfully, it still offers the same level of care and can deliver high-quality results just like Invisalign.